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Gift ideas for 1-2 year olds

Gift ideas for 1-2 year olds

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Ok, here is part two of my gift guides! Older babies and young toddlers are at such a fun age, so watch with amazement as they learn and grow everyday! They are starting to walk and really notice everything around them. They will start the early phases of pretend play like talking on the phone, “reading” books, and play in the kitchen. We have had some variation of all of these toys and our son loved them. I’m also not including a ton of products because I thought really hard about the best toys that will last you the longest. Toys should be practical and kids should want to play with them for a long time. Will they play with it for one week or will it last much longer than that? A lot of these toys my son still plays with, so they aren’t necessarily “baby” toys. I hope you enjoy!

Gift guide for 1-2 year olds:

1. Little Tikes Cozy Truck: This is the most expensive on this list, but it is so worth it. My son (4) still plays with this. The trunk opens up and he puts all his toys in it and rides it around Nana’s house. This is always a popular toy at play dates. Here is a pink version of the truck. The original red car and pink car are so cute too!

2. Simple Puzzle: The first puzzle shown is actually a touch and feel puzzle that little hands will love. Puzzles are such a great developmental toy teaching early skills in trial and error and critical thinking. Find the other alphabet puzzle here.

3. Mega blocks: These are the best beginner blocks for little hands. My son actually still brings these out every now and then because they can be built really tall. There is also a pink version!

4. Ride-on toy: They just love these. We just kept ours in the house for awhile and Jack would just scoot all over in it. We didn’t have this exact one, but I wish we did! This Radio Flyer one is adorable! I’m sure this will be very popular this Christmas.

5. John Deere tractor: My son was obsessed with this tractor. He would get this out every single day. The little animals make a noise when you put them in the tractor. I really think this helped him learn his animal noises. He used this so much I’m not sure the speaker works anymore! A must!

6. Pretend play & Play food: During this age, they start simple pretend play like talking on the phone and household chores. They are like little sponges and mimic what you do! I also love Learning Resources as a brand. They have the cutest toys that are developmentally appropriate and educational. You can teach them different foods, counting, and colors with this set. This set has this cute bag and the food is soft. I found this adorable picnic set too!

6. Crawl tunnel: Do you need a good 30 minutes to cook dinner? Pull this out and it will keep them entertained for awhile. This is also great when you have other kids over to play. We would lead this into makeshift tents. I think this could be used for younger than 12 months too when they are learning to crawl. Bonus: it folds up easily to put away! Check out this 4-way tunnel and cute butterfly tunnel too!

7. Musical toys: I’ll leave the loudest one for last. My family always jokingly says they are going to get my son a drum set. And I’m like NO! But, in all honesty, music is such a great activity for little ones. And they just love making noise! There is so much research that shows music helps babies grow in sensory and cognitive development. I found this other cute set here.

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