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Gift ideas for baby

Gift ideas for baby

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Christmas is right around the corner and Black Friday/Cyber Monday is even closer. I am compiling all my favorite Amazon gift ideas for your babies under 1. They are split into two categories: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. I find the 0-6 month time to be the most difficult because you probably already have “all the things” from your registry, and they are still in that blob phase and aren’t really old enough to play with anything yet! So I tried to think of things that you might not have thought of to put on your registry. I also put some non-toy items for those of you that feel like you have enough toys (my hand is up for that). Enjoy!

Gift Ideas for baby 0-6 months

1. Manhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle - This adorable rattle has a sleek classic design that is multi-sensory. They can squish it down and shake it to make noise. Babies are working on those fine motor skills by reaching and grabbing this adorable toy!

2. Bibs - If your baby is anything like mine the drool has commenced. Maybe you weren’t thinking about these on your registry, but they are a must have once baby starts eating very soon! For my son, we used bibs for drool during the day and different bibs for mealtime. I love that the first bibs are wipe clean for easy cleanup after meals and these have the most adorable sayings and cutest colors! The bandana style bibs are so cute to wipe drool during the day. These have a whole bunch of different patterns.

3. Halo Sleepsack: Your baby is soon going to be transitioning out of the swaddle and these are perfect to keep them cozy without the dangers of a blanket in the crib. I linked a cotton one and a microfleece one for colder nights. They have tons of patterns and colors!

4. Floor Mirror: We have this Sassy floor mirror and both of my kids love this. Even my parents’ dogs get a kick out of it. My babies are not fans of tummy time (are any?), so this really helped to entertain them when they laid on the play mat. The little ladybug ball spins and it’s so inexpensive. Here is another more neutral color option.

5. Soft baby books: This soft book from Melissa & Doug is just adorable with all the little animal feet. It’s never too early to kick start a child’s love for reading. These soft books have little squeaks and crinkles to keep them occupied. This one is also machine washable! A few more options here, here, and here.

6. Teethers: The teethers that are out now are just so cute! I just can’t believe the price tag on some of them. My son didn’t really take a lot of the teethers, so I can’t see spending a ton on something your baby might not even use! This carrot one is adorable and affordable. It has great reviews. This little raccoon one is so freaking cute. And I found a couple freezer-safe options here and here.

Gift ideas for baby 6-12 months

1. Shape sorter: My son loved this thing. Amazon has a great price on this bundle too! It is a great developmental toy that keeps them busy. These are toys that will surely grow with them and might be best for those in the 9-12 month range. A few other options: here and here.

2. Stackers - Another great developmental toy that promotes fine motor skills. This B toys one is so cute, it looks like rocks stacked up. #1 on this list also has a stacker included in the bundle. Here is another option.

3. Sit to Stand Play table: Yes, these are obnoxious, but they really are entertaining for the little ones for a long time. These are great because they can sit and play and then when they stand it is almost a whole different experience. Here is a less obnoxious one that may be suited for older babies

4. Walker: We love this Joovy walker. We actually have quite a few Joovy products and I can tell you from personal experience they are great! I love the sleek, modern design. You can lock the wheels and they can eat on it or let them walk around and play with toys on the tray. The tray pops out for easy cleaning. We will be using this one soon for our little one! This is a pricier option, but well worth the cost!

5. 360 cups: Want something besides toys? Feeding and drink options are always a great and practical gift. Transitioning from a bottle is never easy. I found these with my son and it took him awhile to favor these over a sippy cup. If your baby takes it, why not just start with these! If not, no worries, use them later. Here is the sippy cup my son liked before he took these.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We make our own baby food and it’s so easy! You don’t have to buy those expensive “baby food makers.” It’s just a blender! We cook the veggies, blend them, and stick them in a freezer tray. So easy! We actually use the Ball Herb Starter Kit, but it’s just a silicone freezer tray and it was so cheap. This one is not as cheap, but it’s cute and looks about the same.

6. Books: Yes, those soft baby books are still great, but I love the mini board books too. My son would sit in his little tent before he was even one and flip through these little books. I love that these grow with the baby and will be used for a long time to come. While these might be better for a 10-12 month old, they will use them for awhile! They are pretty inexpensive, so if they get some drool on them, it’s ok!

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