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Gift ideas for 3-4 year olds

Gift ideas for 3-4 year olds

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Do you have a threenager running around? So you always hear about the terrible twos, but I will tell you three got a lot harder for us. And 4 has been the hardest! Challenging, but fun. They become these little independent mini me’s that think they know everything or ask a ton of questions so that they do know everything! And they are busy! I’m rounding out our favorite gifts and toys for every 3-4 year old today. Enjoy!

  1. LeapFrog LeapStart 3D - This is a newer version of the one that we have. My son loves his LeapFrog! They have so many different books that go into the learning system. I love that it is somewhat “technology” so my son is excited about it, but there is so much learning involved. The books have numbers, letters, science, critical thinking, and problem solving. There are books that range from preschool all the way to 1st grade! So, you can always just get a new book to switch it up! Here is a Pre-K Problem Solving book, and a Kindergarten vocabulary and math book.

  2. Bike - We had this balance bike and it is a great alternative to some more expensive versions. My son liked this for awhile before we upgraded him to bike with training wheels mostly due to his height. This is similar to the bike he has and loves it. Here is another version for the girls. For reference, 12" and 14" bike wheels usually fit ages 2-5 and 16" bike wheels fit ages 3-7.

  3. Legos - The Duplo line of Legos is the perfect size for older toddlers’ hands. We have a few sets and my son still plays with them. You really can build anything with these sets, but the themes are so cute! I love this family house set, pizzeria set, Princess Belle set, and Minnie birthday set.

  4. Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Food Sets - This ice cream set is just adorable! I always say we should buy stock in Melissa & Doug because I just love this brand. They have the cutest sets that last forever and kids are actually interested to play with them for a long time! We usually gift our son one of these kind of sets for Christmas or his birthday. I’ll link a few more favorites here, here, and here.

  5. Play Kitchen - I kept this separate from the play food (above) because if you don’t want an actual kitchen the play food and different appliances can still be used and are fun for kids. I never did get my son one of these. Instead we opted for a train table and he hardly plays with it. I think he would have played with this kitchen much more. I am contemplating getting this and then my daughter will be ready to start playing with it next year. I love this one, it is simple, unisex, and has that modern farmhouse design. It comes with a bunch of accessories and has great reviews. This one might be better for smaller spaces and is a more affordable option.

  6. Play-doh - My son loves Play-doh and it is another activity they enjoy doing for a long time. While the Play-doh itself doesn’t last forever, it is relatively inexpensive and it’s always a good gift for Christmas and birthdays. Single tubs of it are great stocking stuffers. I recently got my son this huge pack. You can always just use simple cookie cutters, but he loves all the accessories that go with it.

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