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Stocking stuffer ideas that they actually want

Stocking stuffer ideas that they actually want

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I think stockings might be one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. I used to love opening them, and now that I get to watch my own children open them makes it even better! When I met my husband he was not the best at stuffing stockings. He always left too much space. I remember when I was a child, our stockings were so heavy they couldn’t even hang on the mantle Christmas morning. Stockings should be stuffed with great things! And not cheap dollar store stuff that will break by the end of the day. My dad would put oranges in the bottom of our stocking if we were good that year and coal if we weren’t. I never got coal, but I’m pretty sure my brother did a few times :)

I secretly love the hunt of finding items to fit inside the stocking. So this post took me a long time to come up with some great items for both kids and babies! Happy Santa-ing!

Young Kids:

Nail Polish - non toxic and great for little ones!

Plus-Plus Block Tube (pastel colors) & Plus-Plus Block Tube (basic colors)

Lego Blocks

Flash Cards: Sight words, Three Letter Words, Colors and Shapes (younger children)

Brain Quest - Kindergarten (they have a variety of ages and Target carries some too)

Games: Bananagrams, Classic card games

Squishie: Costume one, Surprise one - these are popular right now

Jelly beans, smaller version

Key Light - my son loves stuff like this!

Thinking Putty - the best to take to restaurants! Here is a mini version and another color option.

Play-Doh - always fun!

Mindware Fidjigami

Jacob’s Ladder

Scratch Art - Jack loved this on our latest plane ride

Fuzzy Earmuffs - these are adorable!

Pom Hair Clips - so fun!

Crayon set - truck & princess & jumbo (I can sometimes find these at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Homegoods)

Toothbrush - My Little Pony & Star Wars

Socks: Fuzzy pair, Boys’ socks, Girls’ socks (I actually give the Christmas socks on Christmas Eve and put regular fun printed socks in the stocking)


Headbands - we have these and they are so cute!

Suction Wheel Toy - just stick it to the high chair!

Roll Around Owl

Silicone Bib - obsessed with these! Lots of colors and different sayings.

Bandana bibs - boy & girl

Bath toy - Unscrews for easy cleaning

Soft book

Dr. Seuss’s Early Board Book

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Winter to spring transitional pieces..

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