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Gift ideas for 5 and up

Gift ideas for 5 and up

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My son will be 5 in January, so I’m pretty much thinking about him as I compile these toys. I am a Science and Math lover, so a lot of these will be STEM type toys. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys develop critical thinking and set kids up for success academically. Plus, they are just fun! STEM is actually now heard as STEAM sometimes, adding in that A for Arts, which is even more amazing! I love to find toys that my son loves to play with, but are also educational. He also loves electronics, but I’m not really into the “gaming” thing, so I try to find a happy medium.

  1. VTech Kidizoom Twist - This will be under the tree for our son this year. This is a kid friendly camera that has games, records videos, and has photo effects! My son loves all those funny filters on my phone, so I’m hoping he will love and play with this for awhile. Connect the USB and upload it to your computer, so your children can see their photos. Sounds fun! There is a purple version too.

  2. Coding toy - This will also be under the tree for Jack! I am really excited about this one. He might need some help and guidance with this at first. I mean I think I will too, but he will pick it up quickly I think. I think this will be a hot toy this year. It is made by Learning Resources and I’m a big fan of their products. It is screen free coding, so you don’t need a phone or tablet for it to work! Win/Win!

  3. Stomp Rockets - Jack actually got a set of these last year and they were hit over the summer at night. These things fly! I mean like so high they will land on the roof or in trees. Make sure you have a wide open space if you don’t want to lose them! This is really fun for the whole family. Here is a dueling version and they have a junior version that glows in the dark.

  4. Board Games - It’s always nice to have a few games for rainy days or for a fun family night with the kids. Jack is just getting to the age where you really understands and sustains his attention long enough to play a real board game. Some classics like Jenga and Candyland are always fun. I got him one similar to this recently and he had so much fun playing it! Jack will also be getting this one and this one for Christmas!

  5. Globe - We love to travel and kids should be learning about the world around them. A globe is a great learning tool and it is just so interesting. I still love looking at them and finding new cities and countries. I love to show Jack all the places we have lived since we have lived and traveled overseas. I found this one that doubles as a nightlight. This one is very interactive and shares sounds, national anthems, capitals, and history. This one has an app to go along with it and gets great reviews!

  6. Play Sets - Jack still loves Legos and blocks, but if you are looking for something a little bit different, and your kids just like to pretend play with a little set, Playmobil is where it’s at! They are so cute and well made! Jack has the pirate version of this set. He also has the bus! They range in sizes from a tiny sets to really big sets, and the prices vary as well. The Playmobil website has so many options as well. And they have cute little stocking stuffer options as well, here.

  7. Pretend Play - You know I can’t finish this list without my all time favorite Melissa & Doug! He still loves playing with all things pretend food and household things. We have this set and love it. When I’m cleaning, he takes out his set to help. I have never seen this one before and I think it would be great for older school-age kids. I actually found this one for Jack during the Black Friday sale and it’s just the cutest!

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