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Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

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It feels like we just got into the swing of things after Christmas, and it’s already Easter! And this year I have two easter baskets to fill! Just like stocking stuffers, I like to gift items that my kids will actually use in their Easter basket. I don’t care for all those cheapy toys “just to fill the basket.” They end up taking up more space and typically only last a couple days. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get some quality gifts. And I’ve taken the guesswork out for you! I have a baby girl and a 5 year old boy, so I’ll share some of my ideas for them!


  1. Board books: Cute touch and feel or lift-a-flap books are perfect for little ones. They don’t have to necessarily be Easter themed, this animal one is perfect spring! We have this one and it’s beautiful. Books that teach those first words are wonderful, and here is a cute easter themed one.

  2. Feeding: Easter is a great time to get items for baby’s feeding needs depending on their age. Our little one needs some practice with self feeding, so I’ve been on the hunt for utensils that would be easy to pickup. These are adorable and come in so many colors! (found them on Amazon) The Ryan & Rose Cutie Tensil is so cute as well! (Amazon link here). We also use this EZPZ mat and it’s really easy to clean. I will say this doesn’t “suction” to her highchair, and I think it’s more a non-stick type silicone material. It might stick better to a marble countertop.

  3. Clothes: An outfit that will work for both spring and summer is a great item for the Easter basket. And I don’t know about you guys, but my little girl could always use a bow refresh! These little moccasins are adorable and don’t break the bank!

  4. Swim items: Swim things are a great addition for the basket. Reusable swim diapers, a pool float, and swimsuits fit perfectly! Love this little one that snaps at the bottom for little baby girls…

  5. Toys: These hide and squeak eggs are super popular and I can see why! They are just adorable, and a great developmental toy for little ones. This garden pop up toy is so cute and teaches cause and effect! And music lovers can shake these eggs!


  1. Books: I am a firm believer that you can never have enough books. Our boy loves books, and we recently started reading him the Magic Tree House chapter books. He loves them! The chapters are short enough that we can read one or two before bed, and he asks for them every night! You can always include some spring themed or Easter books in there too! This one will be in his basket this year. Jan Brett books are beautiful and this one is Easter themed.

  2. Food: I try not to go overboard on candy, I might put one or two candy items in the basket. I know he will get lots of candy from grandparents and Easter egg hunts (plus, we do our own). I found some cotton candy Peeps at Target this year, and I know he will love those. If your kids need a new water bottle, this is a great time to gift that! We like these (so many colors, patterns, characters).

  3. Outdoor: I love giving spring/summer themed items that he will use with the change in season. He is getting new goggles, a pool toy, and maybe some new beach toys. Love these water blasters for outside! Bubbles and sidewalk chalk (love this glitter chalk) are always fun! We have this bubble machine!

  4. Crafts: We always need a craft refresh in the play room. Easter baskets are perfect for some new additions in the craft department. New markers, crayons, coloring books, and art supplies are great little gifts that will last awhile. I found these washable paint sticks and paper tubes at none other than Target. This is a bigger gift, but this craft set is adorable! That arts and crafts line has so many cute options for all sorts of interests! And sure you can always easily grab these kinds of items at the dollar store, but these seem to be of better quality and certainly cuter patterns and colors.

  5. Toys: Do they really need anymore toys? I might include one little Lego set, because I know that he will love it! Here are some age appropriate (4 and up) cute ones: Star Wars, Spider-Man, Aladdin-Jasmine, Rapunzel.

Egg Hunt

One of my family traditions growing up was always an egg hunt. So we will also hide some candy or money in some eggs in the backyard if it’s nice out! If not, we just hide them around the house. Always a fun time! Like I’ve said before, I’m really not into the cheap toys, but it’s hard to find small things that fit inside eggs. Even more so if you don’t want to use candy! Did you know you can buy pre-filled Easter eggs? They have so many different kinds to choose from if you just search through Amazon. (Trucks, dinosaurs, lego figures, lego vehicles, squishy) I can’t speak to the quality of these, but I think you know when you buy them that they are probably not going to last forever.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up and got some ideas to fill your little one’s baskets this year. Leave a comment and tell me your family Easter traditions!


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